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“How does Invisalign work?” may be one of the first questions skeptic orthodontic patients would ask their dentists when presented with this procedure. We may have heard about the Invisalign System as the most talked-about orthodontic innovation from celebrities we see on TV or in the movies (remember Eva Longoria, Katherine Heigl, Justin Bieber, and even Zac Efron?). They trusted the system that Align Technology, the makers of Invisalign, followed in correcting your teeth alignment. But really, how does Invisalign work?


How does Invisalign work? The step-by-step process

Your initial consultation.

The first trip to your Invisalign-trained dentist may be the most important consultation you will have. This visit is when your dentist performs a comprehensive examination of your dental health and chooses the appropriate Invisalign treatment that can address your orthodontic problem. This consultation is also when your dentist can discuss the whole treatment process and what the system can do for your smile. Furthermore, information about the cost of Invisalign gets covered during this consultation.


Your customised treatment plan

Your treatment starts with your dentist obtaining scanned or physical impressions of your teeth. These scans and images are accurate as to how your teeth actually look like so that planning for your treatment is precise. Using these impressions, your dentist can map out your whole treatment plan, from the calculated gradual movements of your teeth to how long your treatment will take. You may even see how your teeth get corrected and the finished result of the Invisalign treatment plan before you even start the procedure!



Your use of the clear dental aligners

Your customised Invisalign dental aligners are made with medical-grade thermoplastic that is flexible and snugly fitted to your teeth. These aligners are virtually invisible, unlike other orthodontic appliances that show other people that you are in the process of correcting your bite and teeth alignment. These dental aligners are removable; wear them 20-22 hours a day and remove them for up to 4 hours to enjoy drinking your favourite coffee, eating your meals, and cleaning your teeth hassle-free!



How does Invisalign work? Your orthodontic progress

As you are wearing each set of your Invisalign dental aligners, you may notice that your teeth will subtly and progressively shift into their correct position. Your Invisalign-trained dentist would recommend that you wear a new set of dental aligners every 1-2 weeks. He could also advise you to report for routine follow-ups every six to eight weeks or so. You can see the gradual change your teeth alignment gets every time you change your dental aligners, and you can imagine how your new smile can change your life.


How does Invisalign work? Maintaining your smile

Once your teeth have completed their repositioning and Invisalign has finished its job in correcting your teeth alignment, your dentist may advise you to use dental retainers. This dental appliance can ensure that your teeth can preserve their correct position and no relapse will occur. Discuss this with your dentist and inquire about different dental retainers available now on the market.