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If you are planning on using Invisalign as your orthodontic treatment for your teeth misalignment, you must prepare for a lot of things about the procedure – the cost, the schedule, the follow-up, and the maintenance. Let us discover how to clean Invisalign aligners and the dos and don’ts in caring for your invisible orthodontic appliances.


How to clean Invisalign: The aligners

You may have chosen the Invisalign system as your orthodontic treatment of choice since this uses clear plastic aligners that are virtually invisible, compared to attention-grabbing metal braces. However, if you do not care for your dental trays properly, discolouration and buildup of germs and bacteria may be present and harm your teeth instead of correct them. Here are some reminders on how to clean Invisalign aligners.



Wash it when you wake up. Since you are wearing your aligners for 20-22 hours a day, you are still using it while sleeping. So when you wake up, make sure that you wash your aligners to remove dry saliva and other germs that may be present while you were sleeping.


If you remove them, rinse them. Every time you remove your Invisalign aligners, make it a habit to clean them as well. Removing them and putting them back on without washing them may make your teeth and gums vulnerable to bacteria that may be building up inside your aligners.


Soak it. Using Invisalign’s specialised cleaning crystals, soak your aligners while you are brushing or flossing your teeth. You can also use a denture cleaner as a soaking agent. Brush it gently with a separate toothbrush to remove all food particles of germs left there.


How to clean Invisalign: The teeth

Because your aligners are removable, you can still enjoy your favourite food and beverage without the hassle! Just remember a few tips in caring for your teeth as well.


Always brush and floss your teeth after meals and before putting on your aligners. Your teeth are still prone to cavities while undergoing the Invisalign treatment. To avoid encountering any additional problems along the way, make sure that your teeth are clean before putting on your clear dental aligners.


Remove your aligners before eating or drinking. Although your Invisalign aligners are made with medical-grade thermoplastic, it is not built for chewing, so exerting pressure while taking a bite and chewing with your aligners may break the appliance. Moreover, drinking anything aside from water may cause discolouration of the aligners, so your teeth may look yellowish or stained if your aligners are stained as well.


Do not use any toothpaste or soaps to clean them. These products may be effective in cleaning your teeth and skin, but if you want to know how to clean Invisalign properly, just soak them using their specialised solution and brush them gently with a designated toothbrush each time. Some products may contain chemicals that can be too abrasive for the aligners. It may also cause staining of your aligners.


Keep them properly. Do not expose your aligners to bacteria in the air. Make use of your Invisalign tray case so that anytime you do not use them, they are completely tucked away from the harmful germs and bacteria that can attack your teeth and gums the moment you wear your aligners.